We are a Christian based establishment with the desire to provide a clean, healthy, moral and value filled environment for our youth. We stand firm on our belief and faith in the Lord, and will not falter in keeping our business free and clear of troublemakers so that your children are safe.

That being said, we also have a desire to give opportunities for those who have made trouble in the past to enjoy a safe, fun environment. However, we do have strict policies in place. They are simple; first we will talk to the child, then the parent. If that doesn't work, they will be ejected without refund. If the infraction involves drugs, alcohol, or fighting, the Police will be called, and they will be released into police custody without refund.

Roller Knights has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. The Arab Police and the Marshall County Sheriff's Department have total access to every area of the building. While walking through, if they encounter a problem that requires their intervention, they will take control and handle it. We will have no control over what the police do at that point. They are here to ensure your kids have a safe, fun place to hang out!

Now, on to the house rules...

Rules of Roller Knights are as follows:

  • PLEASE, NO GUM. (It gets on the floors making your skating surface bumpy and hard to skate on)
  • NO TOBACCO OF ANY KIND (we will take your dip can or smokes away and return them to your parents)
  • NO INAPPROPRIATE CONTACT (Hugging and holding hands just about covers what is allowed. Anything more than that is considered INAPPROPRIATE)
  • NO FOUL LANGUAGE...it doesn't make you cool.
  • Once inside, you may NOT leave the building without parental consent. If you are 16 and drove yourself, We must observe you entering your vehicle and leaving. If you can't do that, please go back inside. PARENTS: We will do our best to make sure your child doesn't leave from our establishment once INSIDE...if you suspect your child is leaving from the rink, stick around until you see them enter the door and get a ticket.
  • Remember, it sometimes gets DARK inside Roller Knights, SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK, and please pay attention to the smaller skaters. Lead by example.
  • You MUST have fun!